Looking to get the best training but have a tight schedule? Our accelerated programs are geared for the best training with a minimal time and cost commitment. 
9-Day IFR -- $7,795* not including Examiner Fee
This course includes 20 hours in our new Simulators and up to 24 hours in a Cessna 172N/M/P model aircraft. Prior to enrollment the applicant must be current in airplanes, and have within the last 24 months completed the instrument written test, and have a current medical and pilots certificate.
14 Day CFI Initial -- $6,500* not including Examiner Fee-we currently do not offer  the CFI Course but we can make arrangements at another location.
This course includes 60 hours ground with an instructor fit to teach CFI courses. Flight time includes up to 15 hours in a Cessna 172/172RG aircraft. One on one time with the instructor is also included in the package. Prior to enrollment the applicant must be current to commercial standards, have an instrument rating, commercial rating, FIA written test, FOI written test, and current medical and pilot certificate.
4 Day Multi-Engine - $4,995* not including Examiner Fee (Private Initial or Commercial Add-On) We currently do not offer the Multi-engine course but we can make arrangements at another location.
This course includes 10 hours in our new Simulators and up to 10 hours training in either a Beech Duchess or Piper Seminole aircraft. The student must be current in airplanes and be proficient in the systems in the applicable multiengine aircraft. 
Turbine Transition Course
The turbine transition course is designed to give pilots, who already have their commercial and multi-engine ratings, a chance to learn about and fly in a professional setting. Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will have completed ground school and flight training in a King Air 90 and be qualified to be employed as a 
jump pilot for a skydiving center. 
Candidates must be at least 18 years old, have a current FAA commercial and multi-engine rating, very good English proficiency, and no accidents or incidents. 
10 hours of ground school on regulations, systems, skydiving operations, and flight procedures. 5 hours jump pilot training in the simulator (Dual). 5 hours King Air flight training (Dual). All King Air time can be logged as PIC. 
Cost: $2400 (Ground school - $400; Simulator - $500; King Air - $1500 (additional King Air time may be purchased at $300/hr). 

*Paid in installments not to exceed $2,500 - ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE*

These pilots passed the accelerated courses, and had nothing but praise for their training, the school, and best of all, the value for their money. 

Morgan McGovert, 9 Day IFR  "Knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly instructors.  The flight training devices (simulators) at California Airways are a tremendous advantage over instrument training in the airplane only.  I was able to become proficient in flying instrument procedures, including using the Garmin 430, prior to flying in the airplane...a great time/money saver!  By the end of the second week, I had the necessary knowledge and skills to be a safe instrument private pilot and pass the checkride the first time!" 
Vincenzo Puppo, 9 Day IFR
"I think the program works well and covers all of the areas. I had looked at such programs before and they are all very similar. I hadn't found any in NorCal area though, so that is a big advantage. Price seems right also.
See you out there

Vincenzo ...a now happy Instrument Pilot ! :-)"
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