If you are an Indian national, you'll be happy to know that we offer a customized
Airline Pilot Program that meets the requirements of both the Indian DGCA and
the American FAA.

When you graduate from our Airline Pilot (DGCA) Program, you will have more
than the 200 hour DGCA minimum, including:

You will hold the FAA Commercial Pilot certificate with the Airplane Single-Engine Land, Airplane Multi-Engine Land, and Instrument ratings. You will have met and exceeded the DGCA and FAA requirements.

You will have two options: Option A, which uses a Cessna 152 for most training, costs an estimated $40,199 USD. It is available to students weighing less than 180 pounds. Students who weigh more than 180 pounds must use a Cessna 172, due to aircraft weight limitations. The cost of this program (Option B) is estimated at $43,699 USD.

Unlike many flight schools, there are no hidden costs in our package programs. The prices include all aircraft rental costs, fuel costs, flight instruction, ground school, a Jeppesen training kit, aviation charts, an Instrument Flying Textbook, and all required Pilot Operating Handbooks. It even includes all FAA written test fees, all FAA designated examiner checkride fees, and your FAA medical exam fee.

However, it is important to note that we CANNOT GUARANTEE you will complete your training in the hours listed above. Every student has different skills, which we cannot predict. While we do our best to ensure you complete your training quickly, you must realize that you may be required to take additional training at additional cost, if your skills do not meet FAA standards for the various pilot certificates and ratings.

The only things not included in the package prices are food, housing, DGCA Ground School courses (FAA courses included) and a pilot headset. We offer clean, comfortable, affordable housing located close to Hayward Airport, so you can complete your training swiftly and efficiently.

We are represented in India by AirEast Aviation Services. They will help you with the admission process to California Airways, so your training can begin sooner. Click here for AirEast's contact information.

If you're serious about an airline career, don't be fooled by empty promises. Talk to us first. We'll give you straight answers, sound advice, and most importantly, excellent professional pilot training. Click here to get started.

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Our Cessna 172SPs offer safe, comfortable, affordable flying.