So you want to be an airline pilot. But you've got questions. Perhaps you've heard
horror stories about 'airline academies' charging exorbitant sums for tuition, and
going bankrupt with no notice, leaving their students in the lurch. Or you may have
seen glossy ads in aviation magazines, in which flight schools 'guarantee' airline
jobs to students.

Let's get one thing straight: NO flight school can guarantee you an airline job.
It's simply not possible. In the U.S., you must have at least 1,200 hours of logged
flight time in order to act as pilot-in-command of any type of scheduled airline
(Part 121) or on-demand commuter (Part 135) service.

But these large flight schools charge you upwards of $60,000, and give you only 300
hours of  flight time. No airline or commuter operation will hire you with just 300 hours. So you'll have to earn additional hours just like most other pilots: usually, by flight-instructing other pilots. But the large flight schools will never tell you that.They'll tell you that you can walk right out of their school and into the right seat of an airliner with just 300 hours. It simply doesn't work that way.

Instead, consider our (realistic) Part 61 Airline Pilot Programs. We'll take you from zero hours through all of your FAA certificates and ratings, including your Commercial certificate (Airplane Single-Engine and Multi-Engine Land), Instrument rating, and all three Certified Flight Instructor ratings (Airplane Single-Engine, Airplane Multi-Engine, and Instrument Airplane.) You'll graduate with 300 hours, including 25 hours of multi-engine time. And you'll be ready for a rewarding job as a Certified Flight Instructor, which will allow you to build your hours while being paid $30/hr to fly. While we can't guarantee employment to participants of our program, we guarantee you will receive first consideration when we hire new instructors. We believe in hiring pilots that we've trained ourselves.

Our package prices include ALL aircraft rental costs, fuel costs, flight instruction, ground school, a Jeppesen training kit, aviation charts, an Instrument Flying Textbook, and all required Pilot Operating Handbooks. It even includes all FAA written test fees and all FAA designated examiner checkride fees. The only things it does not include are food, housing, and a pilot headset. Everything else is covered.

If you're serious about an airline career, don't be fooled by empty promises. Fly with us instead. We'll give you straight talk, sound advice, and most importantly, excellent professional pilot training.

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