Our commercial pilot training package, using a Cessna 172RG Cutlass, is the next step after you earn your instrument rating. The package includes the following:

> 10 hours rental of a Cessna 172RG
> 10 hours aviation fuel
> 10 hours dual flight instruction
> 6 hours ground instruction
> Aviation charts
> Pilot Operating Handbook
> FAA computerized exam fees
> FAA designated examiner checkride fee

The Cessna 172RG is the least-expensive 'complex' aircraft you can rent.
(A 'complex' aircraft features retractable gear and a constant-speed propeller,
among other things.) Proficiency in a complex aircraft is required for the commercial pilot certificate. To see our 172RG, visit the 'Our Aircraft' page.

In order to begin this package, you must hold at least a Private Pilot -- Airplane Single-Engine certificate with an Instrument Airplane rating, and have a complex-aircraft endorsement in your logbook. You also must have at least 240 hours of logged flight time. If you don't meet these prerequisites, we can help you earn them.

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Our Cessna 172SPs offer safe, comfortable, affordable flying.
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