Our instrument rating training package, using a Cessna 172, is the next logical step after you earn your private pilot certificate. The package includes the following:

> 40 hours rental of an IFR-equipped C-172
> 40 hours aviation fuel
> 40 hours dual flight instruction
> 10 hours ground instruction
> Instrument Flying Textbook
> Aviation charts
> Pilot Operating Handbook
> FAA computerized exam fees
> FAA designated examiner checkride fee

The Cessna 172's stability and dependability make it an
ideal IFR training platform. All of our IFR-capable 172s
include a full complement of IFR avionics, including dual
navcomms, audio panel, DME, transponder, and ADF.
Some have IFR-approved GPS units. To view our fleet of
172s, visit 'Our Aircraft' .

To begin this package, you must hold at least a Private Pilot
(Airplane Single-Engine) certificate.

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