Do you own an aircraft? Would you like to make some money with it? If you answered "yes" to both questions, then we'd like to talk to you about leaseback opportunities.

If you leaseback your aircraft to us, we'll add it to our rental fleet. You'll receive most of the hourly rental rate paid by our customers. We keep a nominal amount of that rental rate, as a management fee. Since we have a large customer base, your aircraft will fly frequently. You'll be responsible for maintenance and insurance costs, but those costs will be tax-deductible (since you're running a business by entering the leaseback arrangement). If your aircraft is purchased new, you will also receive a significant depreciation deduction on your income taxes. As a leaseback partner, you won't be subject to any daily or overnight hourly rental minimums. And unlike nearly all flight schools, we cover the cost of engine oil and regular aircraft washes.

As of July 2008, we're primarily looking for a light twin (Piper Seminole, Beech Duchess, etc), a Cessna 172SP, and a Cessna 182 to add to our fleet. Of course, we are always open to leasing other types of aircraft.

To learn how you can earn money with your airplane, call Keith Amaro (our director) at
510-504-2991, or email him.
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Our Cessna 172SPs offer safe, comfortable, affordable flying.
We have four glass-cockpit aircraft for rental, starting at just $80/hr dry!!