This 2005 Cessna 182T Skylane is a capable, versatile, and advanced personal aircraft. With a fuel-injected 230-hp Lycoming engine, 141-knot cruise speed, and Garmin-1000 glass cockpit system, it offers the ultimate in mission flexibility. At just $99/hr dry, it's $35 per hour less expensive than the only other G-1000-equipped Cessna 182 in the Bay Area.

The Garmin 1000 'glass-panel' system delivers communication and navigation capabilities  far superior to the avionics installed in many airliners. It includes dual flat-panel displays, dual navcomms, dual IFR-approach-certified GPS units, a Mode S transponder, a Traffic Information System and Terrain Warning System, a Stormscope, and NEXRAD inflight weather data. N182BG also features a two-axis autopilot, backup flight instruments, and a standby battery. For the ultimate in inflight comfort, it's got air conditioning, a sumptuous leather interior, and front seatbelt airbags.

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Engine: Lycoming IO-540, 230hp | Seats: 4 | Useful load: see POH
Cruise speed: 141 KTAS | Fuel capacity: 88 gals useable (63 gals when filled to tabs)

Want to get a head-start on your checkout in this aircraft? Click the links below to download copies of the G1000 manuals. At our office, we have a free PC-based G1000 simulator, so you can practice on the computer before you fly the airplane.

System Overview (957K)

Quick Reference Card (402K)

Cockpit Reference Guide (4.4MB)

Primary Flight Display Pilot's Guide (2.1MB)

Pilot's Guide Front Matter/ Index (1.0MB)
To rent this aircraft solo, you will need at least a Private Pilot Certificate, 100 hours of total flight time, and a high-performance endorsement in your logbook. You will also need to complete a minimum 5-hour checkout in the aircraft. Pilots who are already checked out in our other 182 (N58628) and are already checked out on the G-1000 system need only complete a 1-hour checkout in N182BG. All pilots must fill out a separate familiarization sheet (click here to download).
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We have four glass-cockpit aircraft for rental, starting at just $80/hr dry!!