Keith has over 8,000 hours of flight time. He holds the FAA Airline Transport Pilot certificate, and is a Certified Flight Instructor (Instrument, Multi-Engine, and Single-Engine).  He’s flown for Ameriflight, Air Ambulance, and American Eagle Airlines. He acquired and relaunched California Airways in 2004, and currently serves as Chief Flight Instructor for all Part 61 training courses.

Kareem Fahmi -- ATP, MEI, CFI, CFI-IA
Kareem and Keith founded the new California Airways in 2004. Kareem was Cal Airways' Chief Flight Instructor for its first four years. He's logged over 4,000 hours of flight time. He holds the FAA Airline Transport Pilot certificate, and is a Certified Flight Instructor (Airplane Multi-Engine, Single-Engine, and Instrument Airplane). When not teaching at California Airways, he and his wife can be found flying their Piper Turbo Arrow all over the western United States. He's also a glider pilot, and has published numerous articles inSoaringmagazine. Cell 510-882-8778,

Jonathan Bishop -- CFI-A, CFI-IA, AGI, IGI, FAASTeam Representative
Jonathan is living his dream! A lifetime resident of California and most particularly the San Francisco Bay Area, he is enjoying his passion for flying and his calling as a teacher and instructor at California Airways. He is a Commercial Pilot as well as a Certified Flight Instructor and Ground Instructor for single engine aircraft, including instrument flight. He also serves as a volunteer safety representative for the FAA's FAASTeam. In addition to flying, Jonathan is active as a minister and an associate pastor at a local church. Both he and his wife enjoy traveling and exploring the out of doors. Jonathan is passionate about the future of the aviation industry and encourages everyone who shows interest to follow their dream to learn how to fly and to take it to the level of their greatest desire. Jonathan makes learning how to fly fun, but is very professional in his approach. He is available day or night, Monday through Saturday. Cell: 510-914-8581. Email:

Prayank Jain  -- AGI, MEI, CFI-A, CFI-IA
​I am a flight instructor based in San Francisco bay area. My students receive flight training on single and/or multi-engine land airplanes. Student's training provides the opportunity to earn the following licenses and ratings: private, instrument, and commercial. Whether you are looking to become a hobby pilot or are taking your first steps toward becoming a commercial airline pilot, you will receive the guidance and top quality instruction required to accomplish your goals. I am available to teach lessons at most airports in the greater Bay Area.I earned my licensees at some of the top flight schools in the US. Currently I am working and teaching at California Airways based in Hayward Airport . I also work part-time at NASA, Traffic Watch - CBS News and United Airlines. You can reach me at 415-200-8440

Daman Chahal -- CFI, CFII, MEI
Daman has been a pilot since 2009 and obtained his flight instructors license in 2012.  He has over 500 hours in the cockpit.  He has dreams of starting his own airline in the future and looks forward to teaching those with the same love of flying that he has.  He can be reached at 510-708-0006. 

Gihak Bae -- Forever in our hearts, November 17, 1966-June 24, 2010
Gi touched many people during his life and his love for aviation is how most met him.  He was respected by all who knew him and there will be a permanent void in many lives now that he is gone.  Gi succumbed to Pancreatic Cancer June 24, 2010 in Oakland, California.  He will be forever in our hearts.

Briano Santos --  Commercial Pilot, CFI-A, CFI-IA, MEI
Briano has logged 2,300 plus hours, and is FAA rated Commercial Pilot, and is a Certified Flight Instructor (Single and Multi-Engine, Instrument).  In his spare time, Briano enjoys long walks on the beach, and puppies. Cell: (510) 813-1754

Ben Brillo--Commercial Pilot,Certified Flight Instructor - CFI, CFII, Aircraft Mechanic-A&P
Ben has been an instructor with California Airways for several years and has proved to the aviation community that he has an excellent passing rate with the FAA.  Ben has over 1,300 flight hours and is passionate about flying and instructing.  He has accumulated his flight experience as a traffic watch pilot, flight instructor, and through leisure flying.  He  is a licensed aircraft mechanic, working in the field since 2000. He is available 7 days a week for training and can be reached at 510-693-0865 or by email: 

Dru Babcock -- Airline Transport Pilot, CFI, CFII
Dru started flying while he was in high school and earned experience as a flight instructor before he flew for a large part 135 cargo operator for several years. He has instruction experience in most, common single engine aircraft; and has also flown extensively in several multi-engine piston and turbine aircraft as PIC. He has a passion for people and teaching; and he is also a trained Life-Coach. His people skills translate very well into flight instruction, as he enjoys facilitating people in achieving their aviation goals (while having a safe and fun time). And he is also a certified Boy Scouts of America, Aviation Merit Badge Counselor.

John Ewing — Airline Transport Pilot, CFI-I, MEI, IGI, Gold Seal
John started flying when he was 13 years old and has been teaching full-time since 2001. He has instructional experience in a variety of single- and multi-engine Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, Diamond, Grumman, Piper and Socata aircraft. John flew FedEx Caravans for a while, but returned to his real passion - helping motivated students reach their flying goals. John has logged over 7,500 hours, has written articles for "IFR Magazine,” and is the author of the iBook The Concise Guide to IFR. John is an avid bicyclist and blogs about aviation at Aviation Mentor. Email:

Susie Amaro --  Office Manager-and co-owner
Susie is the office manager at California Airways.  She coordinates parties, special events, does all of the marketing for California Airways and enjoys her position at the company very much.  Susie brings to the team a lot of marketing experience from her former careers and has helped grow the business and developed new programs such as the Children's Birthday Parties, Aerocamp and Special Events.  She can be reached at 510-504-0135 or


Our veteran instructors all share a genuine love of teaching. The standard rate for ground and flight instruction is $50/hr. 

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