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Policies and Customer Agreement -- Part 61 Training Courses

If you have questions about these agreements, we've provided a helpful FAQ (see below). You can always call us at 510-887-7686 or email us if you have further questions.


What is the difference between "Part 61" and "Part 141" training?
The numbers refer to the type of Federal Aviation Regulations under which your training is conducted. We are authorized to conduct training under either Part. Generally, Part 141 training follows a predefined format and requires students to attend formal ground school. Under Part 61, formal ground school attendance is not required. The advantage of Part 141 is that it theoretically allows you to complete your training in fewer hours than Part 61. For example, only 35 flight hours are required under Part 141 to earn a private pilot certificate, whereas Part 61 students must fly at least 40 hours. For a commercial pilot certificate, Part 141 students only need 190 hours, instead of 250 hours under Part 61. 

Why do your packages include more than the minimum required training hours? 
The minimum hours required for Part 141 and Part 61 training are only bare minimums. In our experience, it is extremely rare for a student pilot to complete all the training requirements for the private pilot certificate in just 35 or 40 hours of flight time. 50 hours is a more realistic number, so that's what most of our Part 141 and Part 61 package deals include. Many flight students in other schools purchase cheaper packages, and are then disappointed when they reach 35 hours without finishing their training. We prefer to be upfront and honest with our customers, rather than mislead them with an artificially low price.

Your packages seem to be more expensive than other schools. Why? 
Because there are no 'extra' or 'hidden' costs. Other schools might tempt you with lower prices, 
but those prices don't include significant costs like FAA examiner fees, FAA written test fees ($150 per written test-you should verify this with CATS), pilot supplies, and so on. However, our packages include all necessary costs except for housing, food, and an aviation headset. Everything else is included. 

What happens if I use up all my package training hours, but I am not ready to take the FAA test for my pilot certificate or rating? 
You may purchase additional flight time, flight instruction, or ground instruction at our regular hourly rates, which are the lowest in the San Francisco Bay Area. Due to the wide variety of students' skills, we cannot guarantee that your training package hours will be enough to completely prepare you for the FAA practical test, written test, or any other flight privileges.  All unused funds will be refunded less a $500 administrative fee.

I am not a legal U.S. resident. What are my options?
If you are not a legal U.S. resident, you will need an M-1 student visa. We can sponsor you for the visa. You must enroll in one of our Part 141 training courses.

I am already attending a Part 141 flight school and I would like to transfer to California Airways. Do I have to start over from the beginning?
No. The FAA allows us to credit you for up to 50% of the training hours you've already completed. For example, if you've received 20 hours of flight training at another school, we can credit up to 10 hours against your training costs at California Airways. To do so, the FAA requires us to conduct a ground test and flight test with you, so that we may determine how many training hours we can credit. We will then discuss a discounted package price with you.

I am an Indian national. Does California Airways offer training programs that meet the Indian DGCA requirements?
Yes. Our customized Airline Pilot Program meets the requirements of both the U.S. FAA and the Indian DGCA. Click here for more information.

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