With a great community of students, instructors and staff, California Airways is a great place not only to train, but to spend time. From weekend barbeques to Major League Baseball games, life around here is never boring.

Congratulations to these pilots (May 2010)

These guys just earned their wings, so keep an eye out for them in the pattern!
Abhishak Gulia-PPLEhren Kret-PPLSimon Pan-PPL
Bruno Rosa-PPL      Ryan Lee-PPL                               
Sanket Sardana-PPL      Morris Silverman-IFR
Omkar Shivhare-PPL      Jason Chung-IFR

It's official -- these gentlemen are commercial pilots!
Varun Zanjale
Arturo Castillo
Praneel Kumar
Yihhong Han

And at the top of the aviation food chain, the new Airline Transport Pilot...
Eric Horvei

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Shouldn't you be studying? You can't just sit around and play Cricket all day! ^_^
Cal Airways at an Oakland A's baseball game!